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Announcement: Welcome to the Chitown Men’s Lacrosse Club

9 January 2009

Chitown Circle LogoThe Chitown Lacrosse Club LLC., is a non-profit amateur sports team located in Chicago, Illinois. We are comprised of post college players who competed at the DI, DIII and college club level. The team itself competes in the Midwest Cities Lacrosse Conference (MCLC). Chi-town is a member of the Western Division, comprised of 5 teams from Chicago and 4 teams from our neighboring states.

The team practices once a week leading up to our spring season. Our games are held on Saturday and Sundays. Outside of our main spring season we stay involved through a number of tournaments and leagues both in the Chicagoland area and outside of it. As we work to continually grow and develop our team we turn to the new but budding Midwest lacrosse market for new talented laxers. The Chitown is not just a team; we are a network of individuals whose passion for the game extends beyond the field and are helping to shape the Lacrosse landscape in Chicago.

We will look forward to seeing you on the field soon.

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